A new approach to mobile.

With a sleek aluminum body, a live homescreen that streams all of your favorite content, a photo gallery that comes to life, and dual front stereo speakers, the new HTC One re-imagines the mobile experience.

A cornerstone of this new experience is HTC BlinkFeed — an entirely new approach to home screen design.

While legacy mobile experiences require users to jump from application to application to consume the content they're interested in — BlinkFeed brings the content to the user.

The Challenge

During initial research for this project, we observed people did not use the traditional Android widgets on their home screen as much as we expected. We also noticed that users rarely took the time to customize their layout configuration. With this in mind, we re-imagined how better to utilize this valuable screen real-estate. 

The Solution

Taking inspiration from an early concept exploration around navigating a timeline, we applied this thinking to social and news content sources. The result was an endless stream of content presented in a beautiful mosaic layout. Tapping on content tiles within the feed opened a detail view that displayed the full text. This provides a seamless one-stop browsing experience across a variety of content sources — while reducing the need for the user to jump from application to application.

By default, BlinkFeed presents an aggregate view of all the user's social media — as well as headline news from a variety of content partners. At any time, the user can filter to view a specific feed like Facebook, or Twitter.

The visual design for Sense 5 embraced a modern aesthetic, while remaining friendly and approachable. The refined look and feel was designed to be compatible with the underlying Android environment, while maintaining a unique HTC brand personality.

Concept sketches refining the spatial model, navigation and layout.

Early concept sketches exploring overall system architecture, spatial model and global navigation. Initial sketches around mosaic presentation of content, and time-based browsing.

Early layout sketches exploring mosaic presentation of content.